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Webinar and Podcast – That’s a Wrap 2019: Answers to Your Year-End Questions

By December 13, 2019 No Comments

End of year can be a hectic time for business owners and their employees. With 2020 quickly approaching it is important to be proactive with year-end tasks.  Listen below to an informative session that will ease the stress associated with year-end payroll practices and prepare you for 2020. 
Topics include:

  • Bonuses
  • 2% Shareholders / Health & Life
  • Personal Use of Company Car (PUCC)
  • Voided, Manual and Unclaimed Checks
  • Accessing the Employee Portal
  • W-2 Process and other Tax Reporting
  • Minimum Wage Increases

Listen to the webinar here or on our podcast Raising the HR Bar.

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