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Recruiting: Let Us Help You

Find “The One”

By August 29, 2019 No Comments

When a company is ready to hire someone new, there are all sorts of questions.  Where to begin and what to do? Searching, connecting, interviewing, and finding the “one”. Job sourcing/Job hunting can be like dating because the goal is to find the best fit!

In the world of recruiting, business owners search for qualified talent that will appreciate the business and understand what makes the organization a great place to work.  In the quest to find the best candidate, a recruiter (on behalf of the business or organization) looks for someone who “fits” the company, the culture, and who has the passion for the role, the drive to succeed, and the integrity for the culture.  

Over the years, recruiting has changed a bit with a focus on how the candidate will fit in the company’s culture and bringing their complete selves to work with WHO they are and the experience they have.

Yes, it is important that the candidate has the requisite experience and can perform the job duties, but they must also exhibit the company’s core values.  Recruiters must be able to identify innate abilities, such as passion, drive, and integrity. An experienced recruiter knows that a simple review of a resume is not enough to ascertain whether a candidate is the right fit for an organization.  Companies and business leaders know that talent is valuable and scarce.  With the average business spending approximately 40% of work time on tasks that do not generate income, such as hiring, working with an experienced recruiter is essential.   

Our Recruiting Team at MBA looks forward to partnering with you to find the right person for your business.   If you are interested in learning more about MBA’s human resource and recruiting services, visit our website www.mbahro.com or call us at 727.563.1500. 

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