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New York City Expands Workplace Accommodations for Nursing Mothers

By January 10, 2019 No Comments

Although existing federal, state and New York City law already require employers to provide break time and accommodations to employees who are nursing mothers, New York City employers will soon have additional obligations. Starting March 18, 2019, New York City law will require an employer with four or more employees to provide a lactation room to accommodate an employee needing to express breast milk and implement a written lactation room accommodation policy.

New York City law defines lactation room as “a sanitary place, other than a restroom, that can be used to express breast milk shielded from view and free from intrusion and that includes at a minimum an electrical outlet, a chair, a surface on which to place a breast pump and other personal items, and nearby access to running water.” The lactation room and a refrigerator suitable for breast milk storage must be in reasonable proximity to the employee’s work area.

The written lactation room accommodation policy must include a statement that employees have the right to request a lactation room and provide a process for requesting a lactation room. The policy must be distributed to all employees upon hiring. The New York City Commission on Human Rights is required to develop a model lactation room accommodation policy and a model lactation room request form.

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