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How to Ask for a Promotion

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mba hr blog how to ask for a promotion

Many employees want to see upward mobility in their careers through a promotion. If you are planning to ask for a promotion — or are even considering the idea — here are some key steps to take:

Know your why.

You need to identify the ultimate reason(s) why you want this promotion. This will help you determine if a promotion will meet your professional needs. Your reason may be because there is an opening in your department and you think you are the best fit for the job. It may be because you have great ideas for helping your company become more profitable. It may be because you feel like you either need to advance at your company or find a new job. It may be because you want more money. Whatever your reason is, if you don’t know why you want a promotion, then you may not be able to articulate why you deserve a promotion and, if given one, it may not satisfy your ultimate needs.

mba blog ask for a promotion more moneyTake your company’s temperature.

Your request for a promotion has as much to do with your company as it does with you. You need to evaluate if your company is in a good position to promote you. It may be that your company already has sufficient managers in place for the current workload or it has already filled all its hiring needs for the foreseeable future. Your company may be struggling financially or recently had a round of layoffs. If your company is struggling, it may not be a good time to ask for a promotion. However, if your company is going through a transition period where they are open to creating new positions or restructuring current positions, it may be the perfect time to advance.

Evaluate yourself.

Be your hardest and best critic. Do you have the skills and experience to handle more responsibilities? Have you received positive feedback and praise with your current work? Is the position you want to have one that will require you to manage others? If so, are you prepared to be a manager? You may find that you have some more work to do first, or you may find that you are ready for this promotion.

mba blog management position how to ask for a raiseBe prepared.

Once you know your why, are prepared for a change, and think it’s a good time to ask, you need to plan exactly what you want to be doing in your new role. This includes your: job duties, management responsibilities, pay, work schedule, and anticipated workload.  Take all this information and put it together in a presentation for your boss(es). Be prepared for feedback and questions. Also, be prepared for a decision. Hopefully, they will give you the promotion! But if it the answer is a no or not yet, also be prepared for how you will respond to that answer.


Schedule an appointment with your boss(es) and ask for your promotion. You won’t have unless you ask.

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