HR Webinar: OSHA: Better Safe Than Sorry

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Our Risk Management team including OSHA certified Loss Control Managers have prepared an interactive outline of topics to help you become more familiar with OSHA. In this episode we will discuss the changes we have seen under the Trump Administration and a few common mistakes to avoid in the workplace. Be prepared to ask questions and to leave with a plan you can immediately implement to decrease the number of work related injuries. Safety is no joke, but it can be fun. Join us to learn more about these topics and MBA’s latest technology in workplace safety — Safety Bingo.

Anne Santomaggio, Dir. of Risk Management & Asst. General Counsel
Sandrice Smith, Loss Control Manager

Topics to include:
  1.  OSHA Background and Compliance
  2. Changes Under the Trump Administration
  3. Litigation and Hot Topics
  4. MBA Assistance with investigations and fines
  5. Innovative Safety Products

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