MBA HR Webinar: Sexual Harassment Prevention Starts with #YouToo

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#MeToo became a powerful social media campaign in which women (and men) from across the world have shared their stories about the damage caused by sexual harassment. While most of the popular #MeToo stories have come from high-profile individuals, sexual harassment is even more prevalent in the average American workplace. Employers are rightfully concerned that a sexual harassment lawsuit against their business could be just around the corner.

This webinar will cover ways to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and what to do if an employee comes forward with a complaint.  Don’t get caught without a plan of action and policies in place. Join our discussion on January 25th.

Topics to include:
  1. What is sexual harassment
  2. Complying with applicable discrimination laws
  3. Preventing harassment
  4. Handling a harassment claim
  5. Employer consequences

We invite you to take advantage of our Sexual Harassment Prevention Program 

  1. Customized training for management (1.5 hours, by an HR Specialist/Assistant General Counsel)
  2. Review of your current harassment policies and procedures
  3. Step-by-step instructions on how to properly handle a harassment claim
  4. One hour of HR Consultation time

Contact us for more details and special pricing for the Program. 

Should you desire additional training and/or advice, we are happy to discuss your needs further.

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