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One significant change is that the DOL will allow employers to use nondiscretionary bonuses, incentives, and commissions to satisfy part of the salary level requirement for EAPCs.   Furthermore, the required salary level will update automatically every three years and the DOL has already projected an estimated increase for 2020. Additionally, the total annual compensation for highly compensated employees will increase from $100,000 to $134,004 effective December 1, 2016.

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ACA regulations and ERISA violations – what your company should know

As companies try to ensure they are compliant with all the regulations within the Affordable Care Act, some are finding a spike in health benefit costs. A recent court case shows that although programs to decrease the number of full-time employees might lead to lower costs for health care in the short term, they might also lead to ERISA class-action lawsuits. A federal district judge in New York recently denied a motion to eliminate a lawsuit that claimed that Dave and Buster’s violated ERISA by eliminating hours for employees to avoid having to provide them with health care benefits to a group of employees. The employer share responsibility portions of the Affordable Care Act require large employers to offer minimum essential health insurance to just about all of their full-time workers. If they don’t, they can face severe fines and penalties. Per the legislation, full-time employees are those who work at least 30 hours each week. Employers do not face these penalties if they don’t offe ...

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Survey indicates over 80 percent support background checks for purchase of firearms

A recent survey by the organization Public Policy Polling’s among Pennsylvania residents found that the majority of those surveyed agreed with conducting criminal background checks for those trying to purchase a firearm. Of the over 1,100 who were surveyed, 85 percent indicated that they wanted to see new processes to conduct criminal background checks for those buying guns. Just fewer than 10 percent said they did not agree with the background checks. Just over 5 percent were unsure where they stood on the issue. There was a direct correlation between those who supported the background check and their political party status. Almost 95 percent of those surveyed who voted for President Obama in the 2012 election supported the background checks. There’s a slight distinction in the numbers among men and women. Almost 90 percent of women supported the idea and just over 80 percent of men were in favor. The survey also addressed the issue of minimum wage. Almost 25 percent of respondents indicated ...

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Making Mobile Work for Your Small Business

Most people these days are increasingly relying upon their mobile devices as the source of their access to the internet, with the necessary consequence that in order to compete, any business with a web presence needs to make sure that their content is mobile-friendly. As with any type of public-facing effort, it's important to think through who your target audience is and what they're likely to be looking for, as well as what will work for your bottom line. Here are some other tips for how to reach an audience on mobile platforms. First, it's important to stay flexible with whatever strategy you ultimately adopt. There is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to mobile platforms. Trust the feedback that you receive from your analytics and make adjustments whenever necessary. Make sure you optimize your site for mobile use fully, and keep up with the development of new mobile platforms, since these represent ever increasing ways to reach your target audience. On a more day-to-day level, keep your co ...

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Benefits of the future – trends of which employers should take note

The benefit landscape is changing, and employers and organizations are forced to learn how to navigate the needs of employees while managing costs. Experts believe that today’s benefit trends are making way for the benefit offerings of the future. One of the most common recent trends is a shift in focus to long-term wellbeing and positive outcomes for employees, as opposed to shorter-term benefits. While recreation rooms in the office and the occasional catered lunch are nice to have, employers have identified bigger issues among their employees that they can address with the right benefits. For instance, employees that are less stressed are more productive. Employers are looking to things such as financial education benefits to help mitigate some of the stressors that employees might deal with a on a daily basis. This benefits not only the employee but also the employer. Experts suggest that employers that are looking to make innovative choices for benefits need to think in terms of technology. As ...

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