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Micro-manufacturers continue to rise in the United States

The manufacturing industry has made tremendous strides in the United States over the years. These advancements have given smaller businesses the opportunities that they have to play in this market today. Experts are looking to see how small manufacturing companies are doing and how they are doing it. Numbers indicate that the number of small manufacturer is on the rise in the U.S. There are nearly 300,000 companies that fit this classification in the United States today. These numbers were reported in 2015. Of these companies, a large portion of them have 50 employees or fewer. Additionally, manufacturing at large encompasses over half of the United States total exports. This equated to over 10 percent of the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product.) These numbers tell one thing – manufacturing is a big business that continues to grow in the United States. Small manufacturers have some key highlights that set them apart of their larger counterparts. First, these organizations are more able an ...

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Outside the box benefits employees will appreciate

Employers know that there are many ways to motivate employees aside from money. In the same breath, not all companies are operating with the same budget that can create limitations. Despite any limitations that various organizations might have because of resources, there are some fun benefits that aren’t extremely costly. Many are also fairly easy to put into place within the organization. Suggest your own benefit: This is a win for both the organization and the employee. On the one hand, the employee feels as though they are empowered and can be heard to get benefits that truly suit their needs. As for the employer, they no longer have to guess what benefits would be most appealing to their employees. If some of the pitches aren’t necessarily suitable for your organization, take the suggestions and suit them to your company. There are many ways to make this flexibility work.  Grooming Budget: This benefit gives money to employees specifically for a personal treatment of some kin ...

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Understanding the intricacies of employee stock ownership

As many organizations look for ways to diversify their benefit packages and offerings, some have looked to Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) to add a benefit that could potentially have positive gains for both the employer and employee. These plans can motivate employees to work harder and more efficiently when they have a stake in the company’s outcome. They also foster a sense of loyalty among workers. Companies will also find that these plans are tax-efficient. So how do these plans work? ESOPs are essentially retirement plans where the main investment is shares of the company. The plan is written and operated through a trust. Although the configuration of these plans can be complex, industry professionals can assist and companies will find that the benefits are far-reaching compared to the difficulties. One of the hallmarks of the ESOPs is that they offer a structure that allows the ownership to gradually shift from the current owner to the ESOP. One of the most beneficial aspects of the E ...

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Protection for Whistleblowers in Question

The Florida State Supreme Court will likely be called upon soon to resolve a conflict between two of that state's appellate courts. At issue is employees' expectation of protection from retaliation when reporting activity at work which they believe to be illegal. Even more broadly, the question at hand will likely effect Florida's status as an at-will employment state, and could have lasting implications for other states or even federal law. A 2013 decision by the 4th District Court of Appeals in Florida set the standard in such cases, as federal courts have since upheld its ruling. Under Florida's Private-Sector Whistleblower's Act, the court found that if an employee can show that they had a good-faith belief that their employer was violating a law, rule, or regulation, then that employee will enjoy whistleblower protections against retaliation. But recently the 2nd District Court of Appeals contradicted this ruling in Kearns v. Farmer Acquisition Co, d/b/a Charlotte Honda. This ruling sought to make ...

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What documents must you keep regarding your employees?

Legal counsel is often faced with one simple question from companies: what documentation must be kept and maintained for employees? Every state has different laws that cover individual personnel files and documentation, so it’s important for organizations to understand what applies in their state. While interviewing potential employees, companies often receive paperwork ranging from resumes, applications and various references. These documents give insight into the prospective employee’s past and have personal information on them in most cases. It’s important for companies to save these documents, not only because they contain employee’s personal information, but also because they can serve as evidence as to why certain hiring decisions might have been made. If a company chooses not to hire a certain candidate, they can often reference these documents to defend their decision. It’s important that employers have specific documents relating to employees for tax purposes. Most s ...

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