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More organizations are taking action to prevent lawsuits filed by employees

Organizations are slowly but diligently doing away with a privilege employees have long held: the ability to sue their boss. More companies are trying to manage the costs of lawsuits and as a result, more are forcing employees to bring serious complaints to arbitration and not allowing workers to partake in class action lawsuits. In 2012, only 16 percent of companies utilized arbitration clauses as a precursor to class-action lawsuits. In 2014, that number was up to 43 percent. These numbers came from a survey completed by Carlton Fields Jorden Burt LLP who questioned 350 organizations. Companies prefer litigation to class-action cases because it is generally faster and less expensive. Litigation also tends to resolve itself more quickly. Statistically speaking, litigations tend to favor organizations more consistently than employees. They also yield lower rewards for employees that participate. The following well known companies require employees to waive their right to sue as a class: Sears, Kmart, Ube ...

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Do companies need to take a harder look at their social media policies?

Most companies know that it’s vitally important to ensure that their social media policies are shared in writing with their employees. But what if an organization doesn’t have a policy that’s robust enough? Experts say that policies that don’t use specific verbiage and call out examples of unacceptable social media conduct are leaving themselves vulnerable. A company created a social media policy and categorized it as “Personal Activity” in their policies and procedures document. It applied to all employees no matter what their responsibilities within the organization. The provisions within the policy included: Regulations against harassment and retaliation. Employees were not to post “insulting, embarrassing, hurtful or abusive” comments about their coworkers online. They were also prohibited from sharing photos of other employees without their consent.  No derogatory or offensive comments Employees were not to speak poorly of the organ ...

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Poor Dental Coverage impacts company profits

Research has repeatedly proven the health benefits of good oral hygiene including good breath, whiter teeth and a higher level of self-confidence. That being said, almost half of all Americans do not have dental insurance, keeping them from getting the dental care that they might need. Employers should consider that poor or no dental coverage among employees might have an impact on their overall wellbeing and health, and could affect the company’s profits in the long run. Regular dental checkups is linked to positive overall health. Patients that visit their dentist on a regular basis detect any oral health issues quicker, allowing them to seek treatment that is more cost-effective. The bottom line: companies that have dental insurance offer their employees a service that they need and help save themselves money. Employers claim to understand the importance of having dental insurance. It’s ranked as the second most valuable medical insurance and the fourth most important benefit to attract and ...

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Are individual employee salaries truly a secret?

Although the thought of knowing what all of your coworkers make might not be a great one, there might be advantages to disclosing this information among employees. Here are some of the pros and cons of ensuring that worker’s salary information is public knowledge: The government has already started to ensure transparency on this front. Public companies have taken the example and followed suit. The major argument for those who agree with sharing this information among employees is that making these figures public knowledge will motivate employees and boost morale. Employees will feel as though they are respected and considered an important asset if they are sure that they aren’t being shortchanged by their employer. These types of realizations can lead to candid conversations between subordinates and their managers that can have a lasting impact. On the flip side, if one employee finds out that their coworker is making significantly more money than they are, they are not going to feel apprecia ...

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Employees rely on working longer to build retirement

The traditional idea of saving for retirement no longer seems like a viable option for most employees. Many of those in the workforce are constantly searching for ways to contribute more to their 401(k)s. One of the ways most commonly cited is working longer. Simply put, most people are not financial stable for the rest of their lives by the time they hit 65. Younger individuals in the workplace are in an especially vulnerable situation, as many know that they can’t rely on Social Security benefits to supplement their retirement income. That leaves these individuals responsible to proactively save as much as they can in their employer-sponsored 401(k) and ensure that they are diligent about other personal savings. In a recent poll, almost 60 percent of workers older than 18 stated that they plan to work over the age of 65 or that don’t plan to retire at all. Additionally, 40 percent said that they anticipate that they will have to work for some sort of income in their retirement. Nearly 70 per ...

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