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Dear Client:

All banks, US Post Offices, FedEx, UPS and MBA will be closed Monday, May 25, 2015, in observance of Memorial Day.

As a result, no payrolls will be processed or delivered on this date.  You may request a change in your processing schedule by contacting your Payroll Specialists.  All processing schedule changes are subject to final approval by MBA’s Finance/Credit Department.


The earliest day funds can be available to your employees through Direct Deposit is the second business day after your payroll has been finalized due to the federal banking regulations. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Payroll Specialist or Account Manager at your earliest convenience. 

Counting calories? What to watch for with alcohol on menus

For those who are counting calories and tracking what they eat, there might be more accurate information on exactly what’s in that alcoholic beverage you’re tempted to order off the restaurant menu coming soon. The Food and Drug Administration has released five new rules for menu labeling that will require chain restaurants that have 20 or more locations to report the amount of calories in an alcoholic beverage on the menu by November 2015. Here’s what consumers should know: The calorie information might not be everywhere in the establishment: While the restaurant might be required to have the information on their menu in the dining room, the rules won’t apply to items ordered at the bar. The FDA said that trying to count the calories in mixed drinks that might be crafted differently in each establishment would be too difficult to accurately predict. For wines, the FDA is only requiring that restaurants give a range of how many calories might be in one glass. This might ju ...

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Obamacare Causes Employers to Shift Toward Part-Time Positions

In the history of labor law in the US, certain examples can help us understand the impact of the Afordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). For instance, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1935, which mandated overtime for non-management employees who work over 40 hours in a week. It effectively created the 40-hour work week that we all know today by making it costly to compel employees to work more than that. Similarly, the ACA mandates that employees who work more than 30 hours in a week receive health insurance coverage from their employers. This makes full-time, 40-hour-per-week employees more costly, and unsurprisingly, businesses are therefore cutting back hours to change full-time positions into part-time. If this trend continues, it will hurt labor participation rates especially among younger Americans. As the ACA has been rolled out, its effect on labor markets has varied depending upon when and how the law's mandate was mandated. Originally, that mandate should have taken effect on the first day of 201 ...

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Should unused vacation time be paid to former employees?

State laws regarding whether employers are required to pay unused vacation time vary, but the best way to ensure the organization is protected is to create a written policy. A recent question arose in Arizona from a former employee of an organization who wanted to know what she was entitled to given her circumstance. She signed a policy upon employment that stated that employees must give at least two weeks notice to be entitled to receive a check for unused paid time off. The organization fired back when the employee gave her resignation saying that she is not privy to the policy because she was on a 90-day probation before she resigned. The employee states that the probation was over well before she gave her notice. The organization told her that each situation is handled on a case-by-case basis. Experts have weighed in on this scenario. They say that in Arizona where this issue took place, there is no written law that addresses this. The law does state that companies can make their own policies as to h ...

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Viewing the Affordable Care Act penalty as a lesson learned

Many Americans who recently filed their taxes for tax year 2014 might have found themselves in a state of shock. For those who did not have health insurance for the last tax year but could afford to purchase a plan had to pay a $95 fine, or one percent of their annual income, to the federal government. Whatever was higher (the one percent or $95) was the penalty waged. This past tax season was the first in which Americans were being forced to deal with penalties associated with the Affordable Care Act. As a result, many opinion polls indicated that most uninsured Americans still do not understand the various deadlines, regulations, subsidies and fines that come with the legislation. As a result, many were blindsided by the penalties they were recently forced to pay. What many Americans might not know is that the fines for not carrying insurance for tax year 2015 will be significantly higher than those waged in 2014. Additionally, the deadline to get coverage for 2015 has already passed. All the while, man ...

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