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Outside-the-box benefits that make employers more lucrative

Some incentives and perks will never be negotiable among employees. From competitive compensation to robust benefits, employees consider numerous factors before committing to a job or organization. Some companies, however, take perks and benefits to new heights. These examples show some of the most creative benefits out there: Children’s toy manufacturer Mattel offers programs specific to families and children. One of these gives families an opportunity to offset the cost of adoption. Additionally, they offer paid vacation time specifically for school-related necessities including parent-teacher conferences, field trips or college visits.  Boeing offers a program to its associates that enables them to seek and participate in community service projects and social activities in their area. Additionally, employees get 12 paid company holidays and an annual break between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  It’s no secret that Google offers some of the most innovative per ...

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Specific uncertainties as it relates to Employment Law

When it comes to the intricacies of employment law, often times employers must seek answers from legal advisors because it’s rarely black and white. The following three questions often rise among employers, as there are gray areas associated with each question: Can noncompete agreements be enforced? There are many questions that can be asked when examining this point. Firstly, what was the employee responsible for in terms of duties and responsibilities for the former employer? How do those duties and responsibilities compare to what the employee is currently doing for their new employer? Was the employee ever involved in any suspicious behavior while employed by the former employer? (This can include emailing company documents that are considered classified.) What does the state law say in terms of noncompete agreements and their enforcement?  Is an employer required to provide a specific reasonable accommodation as a result of disability discrimination laws? The questions that empl ...

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The job of job descriptions and their importance

While many employers know that they have to have them, many often don’t know why job descriptions are so important. Moreover, they often don’t totally understand the exact purpose the job description serves. The following list gives employers an idea of what role the job description plays: Sets clear standards for all team members as to what is required for a specific role or job title.  Assists employers and organizations with properly meeting provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act by making clear distinctions between what are considered essential job functions and what are secondary functions.  Clearly states what individual is responsible for executing what tasks within an organization  Assists the employer and hiring manager with finding the best, most qualified candidates during the hiring process by honing in on specific skills and tasks that are required within the role. It also allows applicants to get a clear idea as to whether the role i ...

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Reaching the Uninsured Will Require New Focus from Insurers

The good news is somewhat obvious: since the rollout of the ACA, the ranks of the uninsured have shrunk. But of course the big picture is much more complicated. Though the uninsured are a smaller group than before, they are still considerably underserved and new forms of education and outreach are necessary to bring more customers on board. For one thing, the media has shifted focus away from the ACA, which means it’s unlikely that future enrollees will find out about the health insurance exchanges through mass media, as roughly 55% of previously uninsured new enrollees did. This is according to a new enrollment satisfaction survey from J.D. Power. Of 1,632 consumers surveyed, the majority enrolled online, and these consumers scored the lowest in terms of satisfaction. Those who enrolled in person had the highest level of satisfaction, with those who enrolled over the phone falling in between. These results are revealing because even though in-person enrollment resulted in higher satisfaction, that met ...

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New Hiring Laws force Employers to “Think Outside the Box”

State laws recently passed in Illinois and New Jersey may change the hiring process for companies across those states. These laws have different titles in their respective states, but they’re part of a growing push for what are collectively called “ban the box” laws. They prohibit criminal background checks for prospective employees until the candidate has been invited to interview. 12 other states and a total of 60 municipalities have previously adopted similar legislation. This has already influenced the hiring practices of large, national employers like Walmart and Target. The laws’ goal is to help remove barriers to employment frequently encountered by those with a criminal record, or to place the focus in hiring correctly on the candidate’s skills and experience, rather than their past transgressions, as Illinois Governor Pat Quinn said at the law’s signing. It’s unclear whether Governor Christie of New Jersey will sign a similar bill into law, especially since ...

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