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How do you calculate an Hourly Rate?

As a business owner or consultant, you might not be sure how to set an hourly rate. Even if you have been in your career for many years, it’s important to occasionally evaluate your hourly rate because they should also increase with experience. You can click here to use a free Hourly Rate Calculator that is available online. This tool will ask a variety of questions about business and personal costs, billable time and desired profit. It will then provide an ideal hourly rate. You can also manipulate the numbers to see how they affect the final rate. This tool will allow you to think in terms of annual numbers. The more accurate your estimates are, the more accurate your ideal rate will be. Here is the information you should have handy when using the Hourly Rate Calculator: Travel expenses Software expenses Professional fees Office supply expenses Computer, equipment and furniture costs Rent/mortgage payments Advertising fees How much you would like to work ...

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MBA Organizing Academy Prep Center School Supply Drive

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (July 30, 2012) – St. Petersburg-based human resource outsourcing company Modern Business Associates (MBA) is organizing a school supply drive for the Academy Prep Center of St. Petersburg. Academy Prep is a private middle school that provides scholarships to students in need. This school has changed the lives of hundreds of economically disadvantaged children. School resources are limited and Academy Prep relies on the generosity of the community to help achieve its mission. MBA has set-up collection boxes throughout the community and the items placed in them will be delivered to students and teachers at Academy Prep before school starts. Members of the community can help ensure this school is ready for a brand new academic year by donating supplies they need. School Supplies Being Collected: Large pumps of hand sanitizer Large boxes of tissue Clorox wipes Scented wall plug-ins for classrooms Electric pencil sharpeners Post it notes Glue ...

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Future of Affordable Care Act Uncertain, but Audits are being Conducted

The Supreme Court’s ruling on health care reform is still pending and the future of the Affordable Care Act remains uncertain. But in the meantime, the law is still in effect. Through recent audit requests on health and welfare plans, the U.S. Department of Labor has started asking employers to prove their plans are currently in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. The audit can be divided into the following categories: Requests as to plans not claiming grandfathered status Requests as to plans claiming grandfathered status. Requests as to plans regardless of grandfathered status. No matter the type of request, the DOL has been asking to examine documents establishing the plan sponsor’s compliance with the Act. The DOL has also been checking to see whether a plan is properly accorded grandfathered status under Section 1251 of the ACA. Those inquiries can include the following: Records documenting the terms of the plan on March 23, 2010 (the ACA’s enactment da ...

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ADP set to release its Q4 data

On August 1st, Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is set to release its Q4 and fiscal year 2012 earnings. ADP is on a roll with four straight quarters of year-over-year revenue increases, with Q3 revenue growth pegged at 6%, or $2.28 billion. ADP is affected by new business and employment growth in the U.S. due to most of its revenues deriving from its payroll processing services. So, it’s a kind of gauge on how the U.S. employment issues are coming along. Experts are forecasting ADP will increase its national payroll accounts by 2,200. The forthcoming report will cover a current hot topic, which is small business client growth. During June 2012, small businesses added 93,000 employees to their payrolls. To help address that sector, ADP has partnered with an online financial service company called Xero. As ADP rolls out its Xero offering to its small business clients, it could have a major impact on the company’s financial stability, assuming small businesses thrive in the new U.S. economical envir ...

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Engaging Employees in your Wellness Program

Healthy employees translate into productive employees in the workplace. Keeping your workers engaged in your wellness and health management program is critical. It’s important to encourage your workers to exercise, eat and sleep well, etc. Many companies find getting employees engaged in these programs is quite challenging. According to new research from a partnership of Aon Hewitt and The Futures Company, most people fall into discrete attitudinal segments that influence how they think and feel about wellness. The study found that when it comes to their health, administrators fall into a category that embraces a sense of control and responsibility. Leaders see wellness as part of the solution to the ongoing challenge of increasing productivity and decreasing costs. The study found on the other hand, workers have a different mindset and share the following attitudes: Want entertainment Want recognition for accomplishments Stressed Want to look and feel good Family-oriented ...

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