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Human Resource Survey Shows Employee Engagement is a Problem

According to a national survey of human resource professionals, a lack of employee engagement is a major problem in companies in North America. A recent poll was conducted by Edmonton-based Psychometrics Canada. It was done with 368 executives in a variety of industries. Research from it found 68 percent of respondents believe the level of workers engagement is “problematic.”   According to the survey, 80 percent of people working in government sectors, 74 percent working in business sectors, 64 percent working in education and 54 percent of people working in not-for-profit organizations identified engagement as a problem. In addition, 84 percent of respondents said managers and senior leaders are the ones who are primarily responsible for employee engagement at their business. According to the research, it seems it is up to organizations to engage employees and not up to employees to engage themselves in the workplace.    Human resource professionals believe that in or ...

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Countless Ways Your Business will Benefit from Outsourcing Payroll

Did you know that your business can benefit tremendously from outsourcing the challenging task of payroll? Outsourcing payroll is both a time and cost saving solution. There are numerous advantages to handing this off to an outside company. To begin with, outsourcing payroll allows business owners to rest easy knowing they are meeting regulatory compliances. Each year, tax laws change and they are challenging to keep up with. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), each year, 40 percent of small businesses pay more than $845 in penalties for incorrect and late tax filings. It’s important to note most payroll outsourcing companies guarantee they will not be responsible for any incorrect or late filing penalty charges. Using an outside payroll company allows companies to focus on other important business matters instead. In addition, trying to complete payroll tasks is not an easy process and mistakes are often made. The technological aspects of payroll software can be difficult and ...

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What are Some Important Payroll Terms and Requirements?

Payroll has its own unique terminology. It’s important to know and understand what payroll processing systems offer. Here are important topics you should be familiar with:   Labor Laws – These involve challenging factors—such as premium for overtime pay or hours worked over a specific limit. Working on holidays may also include a premium. There might also be other pay required by company practices, local laws or labor contracts. Tax Tables – Tax tables for payroll change and must be updated. You can pay for a subscription to a tax table update service or download the newest tax table information from the Internet. Payroll processing companies handle all of this for you.   Pay Base – This is the method that is used for calculating standard pay. Two common methods are salary and hourly. In addition, sales staff may be paid a commission (either in addition to another type of base pay or as a base). Pay Period – This is the length of time between payroll ...

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Potential Impact of Federal Shutdown

In case you’re wondering what the potential impact could be on a Federal government shutdown, here are some items of note:   Veterans Affair’s Potential suspensions from the VA could include answering inquiries (by e-mail, mail or telephone), as well as recruiting, hiring and training. The Department of Veterans Affair’s (VA) will continue to provide 100 percent of healthcare services to veterans who are enrolled at VA medical facilities across the country. Appointments will not be delayed or canceled. There will be a decrease in benefits staffing. However, the VA has been taking actions to make sure payments are still received without interruption and on a timely basis. Even in the event of a partial government shutdown, the VA will continue to provide final resting places at national cemeteries. However, some cemeteries may be forced to operate on a modified schedule.   Advance appropriations that are received from Congress make up more than ...

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Take Time to Thank your Employees

It’s no secret that employees like to feel appreciated. There are many things you can do to make sure they know you care about their needs. Keep in mind you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show your appreciation. Here are some ideas:   Give Time Off – Your best employees can be thanked with a paid day or half day off. Next to money, time off is the best thing employees can get. Take Time to Chat with Employees – When a president or CEO takes time to walk the halls and talk with people (about their work, family, etc.), this makes them feel valued. Casual Dress – If possible, allow employees to dress casually. If this is not possible every day, maybe offer it to them on Fridays. Take Time to Write Thank You Letters – Ask your managers to help find things each employee has done each year or quarter to contribute to the team. You can thank them with a handwritten letter. Employees feel very appreciated when someone takes time for this. Take Time to Spread Electronic Thanks ...

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