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The Ins and Outs of Video Interviewing

Video Interviewing has come into vogue. Now that inexpensive technologies are offering an affordable and effective alternative to travel expenses associated with the interviewing process. Some of that personal connection and communication style can be seen through the video interviewing process. The two main forms are: Live video chat services and software Systems where the candidate records responses. In Live video chat services, you now just use the webcams present on most new laptop computers. Alternatively, you can use external webcams that plug into your desktop computer. The candidate does the same. On the chat, just use the normal list of questions that you’ve created and work through them. There are other systems where the client visits your website (or a service’s website) and records video responses to questions that you’ve loaded into the system. This avoids the scheduling issues and allows for more candidates to be involved with the process, without destroy ...

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Promote the feeling of job security with your employees to retain them

When the Society of Human Resource Management released their 2011 Employee Job Satisfaction Survey recently it highlighted a major shortcoming in today’s workplace. Only twenty eight percent of the survey respondents reported being satisfied with their feeling of job security. The big thing here is to know that, according to the survey, job security is the number one most important aspect of job satisfaction. Now, as a business owner, are you doing everything you can to communicate to your employees about job security? Take on a plan to defeat the local rumor mill up and down the hallways. You may have a great retention rate, yet your employees may be nervous about job security. You could create communications and meeting topics that include: Highlighting the long tenure of a select employee. Mention an employee’s retirement after a long career with the company. Focus on your great employee retention rate. They may feel that people are leaving, or being cut, left and right. Bu ...

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Insurers don’t want Medical Marijuana to get Workers’ Comp Funding

Legislation was recently passed in Michigan that would not allow auto insurers to fund claims for medical marijuana. The legislation was unanimously passed by Michigan’s Senate Judiciary Committee. It will most likely soon be presented to the full state Senate. According to the Insurance Institute of Michigan, the state’s insurance industry got behind a proposed law that would prohibit the workers compensation system from funding claims for medical marijuana. A bill that is already moving through the Michigan state Legislature would not allow auto insurers to pay for medical marijuana as part of any medical claims that are the result of car accidents. Some car insurers have already done this because they were unsure of the requirements of the state’s medical marijuana law. A spokesperson with the Insurance Institute of Michigan says auto insurers are asking for clarification because Michigan is the only state that holds them responsible for unlimited lifetime medical benefits. This m ...

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Social Media Policies Should be a Priority for all Companies

While the world of social media has blossomed over the past couple of years, companies need to be sure they create clear policies of what is allowed and what is not. It’s clear the world of the Internet will continue to expand and change. Earlier this year, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) settled a complaint against the American Medical Response. The medical transportation company had fired an employee for posting critical comments about her boss on her Facebook page. The NLRB stated the company’s social media policy was overly restrictive and that the employee’s post was protected under labor laws that allow workers to talk about their working conditions. Social media experts say almost every large company in the nation now has a social media policy in place, but the content and adequacy of the policies vary. Experts say all policies should include the following: Corporate objectives for social media use. List of employees who are designated to speak on behalf ...

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Newsworthy Workers Comp Rule in Georgia

Georgia's State Board of Workers' Compensation recently ruled that insurers and self-insurers must let medical providers know whether they will pay for a procedure within five days of getting a pre-approval request. Should the deadline be missed, payment is considered automatically approved by the insurer. Georgia’s Supreme Court recently upheld the state rule, but said it is only applicable to compensable injuries. In the October 3 ruling, the state’s Supreme Court said the rule cannot be used to make insurers pay for claims that are not related to workers’ comp cases. The decision reads, “The fact that an insurer or self-insurer does not timely respond to a request for treatment or tests, and thereby, becomes obligated for pre-approval of that which is requested does not abrogate the threshold mandate that the medical care be for a compensable injury.” The case, MULLIGAN VS. SELECTIVE HR SOLUTIONS INC., involved a woman (Maria Mulligan) who had two back surgeries for inj ...

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