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Blank Minutes Template

Why use a blank minutes template?    A blank minutes template is a good way to promote consistency in the presentation of the official record of your business meetings. By having a blank minutes template, you also have a contingency plan and can easily transfer duties to a new individual should the corporate secretary not be available for any particular meeting.   Generally there is no exact specific content or format that director meeting minutes need to be presented. However, minutes are the official record of a Board, and it is the legal document that can be used by auditors, government agencies, and the court system to reflect the activities and decisions made by the directorate. A general rule of thumb is that if it is not in the minutes, it didn’t happen. Thus, a blank minutes template is a good way to ensure that standard and/or required information for your particular business is addressed in the official records.    Minutes should not be an ...

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Cheapest Way to Form an LLC

Cheapest Way to Form an LLC Tips for Choosing an LLC Name Forming an LLC - Articles of Organization LLC Operating Agreement What is the cheapest way to form an LLC? Well—Lower your costs by planning well! Forming an LLC is not rocket science. Follow these steps to avoid costly mistakes: Obtain required permits and licenses for your line of work to avoid fines and liabilities. Generate an LLC operating agreement. This defines the responsibilities and rights of the company members. Pick a name for your company that works with your state’s LLC rules. File the paperwork with the state. Pay the filing fee (this ranges anywhere from $100 to $800, depending on your state). This is generally called “articles of incorporation.” Some states also require a notice of your intent to form an LLC. How to choose your company name: Rules for naming companies vary by state. Here are some frequently slated state rules: The name must end with an LLC des ...

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Form my own LLC – How to

  Form my own LLC – How to If you’re asking yourself, “How do I form my own LLC?”, then read on for the steps involved.   LLC Business Name First, choose a business name. But how? Do I form my LLC under the name of one of my services, like “Smithville Pizza?”.  Or, should I form under a more general name, like “Smith Restaurants”, or “Smith Holding Company?” You should consider how much variety you will offer under this company name. You can usually go get an additional fictitious name under your company’s legal entity if you expand your product line. Either way, you should work with your county clerk, or state system to conduct a name and trademark search to make sure nobody else is using your company name. Also, consider that a company name with a special spelling can make you more distinctive, yet usually this takes more time and effort to brand. For example, if your company name includes the word “foodz”, you’ll need to work harder to be found initially in Internet sea ...

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Workplace Harassment Memo – Template

Workplace Harassment Memo – Template   It’s important for all companies to have a strong workplace harassment policy in place. In addition, employees should receive regular communication and memos from management to ensure everyone is aware of all harassment policies. Employees should also often be reminded that workplace harassment in any form will not be tolerated. An updated policy is a great reason to create and issue a workplace harassment memo to your employees on this topic. Here’s an example of a memo that could accompany the updated policy:   TO:                  Company Directors and Supervisors FROM:             Company Administration SUBJECT:        Workplace Harassment Memo about Policy   Enclosed please find a copy of the updated company policy on Workplace Harassment.   Please note this is ...

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Business Letter Changing Company Name

Business Letter Changing Company Name   There are many reasons to write a business letter. Changing company name is one of the most important reasons as it can be a defining moment in rebranding a business image.   Another common reason a business letter changing company name is written is to keep the public and clients abreast of current contact information. By sending out the letter, it can preserve legal rights to the name, as well as establish a brand name that can build intangible value.   Note that laws can vary from state to state, and country to country, thus in addition to maintaining proper documentation, the business should research and register with the proper governmental entities.   Business name changes can occur for a variety of reasons:   New owners Change in strategic direction Updating or modifying an image Legal issues Merger/transaction Redefining business Highlighting new product   In every inst ...

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