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Federal Annual Inspection Form 49 CFR: Getting One

Federal Annual Inspection Form 49 CFR: Getting One and What’s involved …   Highlights Federal Annual Inspection Form 49 CFR Form Description General Requirements Link to Federal Annual Inspection Form 49 CFR   For all commercial motor vehicles, an annual vehicle inspection is required by the Department of Transportation (DOT). This Federal annual inspection is Form 49 CFR. Motor carriers can only use commercial motor vehicles if each section identified in appendix G of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations has passed an inspection. This is in agreement with the terms of that section during the previous 12 months. It’s important to note these annual vehicle inspection requirements apply to all commercial motor vehicles.   General Requirements:   49. CFR part 396.16 states a motor carrier cannot use a commercial motor vehicle unless each section identified in appendix G has passed an inspection at least once during the preceding 12 months. Doc ...

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Printable IRS Form 2290

  Printable IRS Form 2290   Article Parts: Purpose of IRS Form 2290 Who Should File? What are Taxable Vehicles? How to File   Trying to find a printable IRS Form 2290? Look no further. For tips about this particular form and for a printable document, see below. Printable IRS Form 2290: The following information is compiled through information provided by the IRS:   Purpose of IRS Form 2290 Pay the taxes on highway motor vehicles are used during the year with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. Figure and pay taxes due on a vehicle for which you completed the suspension statement on another Form 2290 (if that vehicle exceeded the mileage use limit during the period). Figure and pay the tax due if, during the period, the taxable weight of a vehicle increases and the vehicle falls into a new category. Claim suspension from the tax when a vehicle is expected to be moved 5,000 miles or less during the ...

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Customer Complaint Form

  Customer Complaint Form Customer Complaint Form Sample   All companies should have a process in place to record any complaints made by customers or employees. Customer complaint forms are a necessity and can be extremely helpful when tracking information and to use for future reference, especially in the case of a lawsuit.   Such forms should be available electronically on your website. You should also have hard copies handy to mail in the event a customer calls and does not have access to a computer.   The following is an example of a sample customer complaint form that can be used:   CUSTOMER COMPLAINT FORM   ** To most efficiently process your request, please fill in as many fields as possible and include as many details as you can. This will help us best understand the problem and figure out how to resolve it. Please also note that providing an e-mail address will speed up the response process. We apologize in advance for any difficulties you experienced. &nb ...

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Free LLC Form: Where to get one and what to do with it.

Free LLC Form: Where to get one and what to do with it. Starting your own company is easier than you think! Check out this free Limited Liability Company (LLC) form for tips and tricks to make the process easy as 1-2-3.   Free LLC Form Tips 1.       The first thing you need to do is fill out an “Articles of Organization” form. These vary from state to state. Go to your state’s specific Secretary of State website to download. Keep in mind the following helpful tips: LLC’s do not legally exist until articles of organization or incorporation have been filed and accepted (normally by the Secretary of State’s office). Business owners are free to set up an LLC in any state, but the chosen state serves as the state of domicile for withholding and employee taxes, required annual filings and jurisdiction. Prior to forming an LLC, check with your state to determine the availability of the name you wish to choose. § American Incorporators has a ...

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Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement Form: What to Know

Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement Form: What to Know   What to Look for in an Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement Form Sample Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement Form Elements   There are many benefits to financing equipment through a Lease Purchase Agreement. For example, even though your company doesn’t completely own the equipment, you are able to generate revenue. In addition, you can get a major tax benefit from leasing if the set-up is a true lease transaction (through an Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement Form).    With a lease purchase agreement, you would agree to lease some equipment for a certain monthly fee, with the intent of eventually purchasing it. And as with any document, it’s important to closely review the Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement form you will be signing.   Sample Equipment Lease Form Elements 1.       Lease/Purchase Details Includes names of “lessor” (owner of equipment) and “ ...

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