Will your Professional Employer Organization bring top-notch human resource software to the table to meet your large business HR system needs?

As a large business executive, you may be considering outsourcing your payroll or HR processes. Savvy Professional Employer Organizations have developed specialized services and delivery systems that cater to needs specific to larger companies.

A common requirement from large businesses working with professional employer organizations is for the PEO’s technology platform to meet the HR system needs of a large company.

Prior to pursuing a PEO relationship, you’ve probably already made a substantial capital investment in human resource software , sometimes called an HRIS system.
Therefore, as you look at partner companies to help with things like your payroll processing and benefits administration, here are some great questions to ask:

“Why do you believe your technology system will provide reliable data?”

Have the PEO explain their expertise in providing reliable data, and how their HR technology is backed –up. Getting a message that payroll processing will be unavailable for a few days can cost you employee angst. Also, finding problems with data that their system is feeding yours, months after the integration, can be a nightmare to fix.

“Does your HRIS system have the features I need, and what features should I be using?”

Making sure the PEO’s HR system has the features you need is an obvious question, but also taking to time to get the PEO’s advice on what features you could benefit from can provide valuable insight. For example, larger companies are increasingly seeking human resource software platforms with an integrated self-service station that assists with leave administration and that provides employees with access to information such as workplace policies and procedures.

“Can you show me why you think your HRIS platform is an integrated solution, and not a jumble of independent software and online tools?”

Many PEOs arrive at the meeting with you prepared to talk about all their HR technology and online services they have for you, but if they don’t talk to each other, you may get frustrated with extensive training for your people to learn all the different systems. There may also be a need to enter data more than once, which is a data management sin.
For example, can the system handle all of the payroll, benefits, and human resources information needs too?
“In case it’s needed, how customizable is your software package, or online service?”
Understanding that there’s room to customize the software for your specific needs helps you feel more confident in a PEO choice.

“Can your system integrate with what we are already using?”

Seeing the greats features of the PEO system can be exciting, but if it doesn’t tie into pieces of your current HR technology that you will continue to use, then what’s the point?

“How hard is it to train my staff to use the HR system tools?”

In addition, large clients want an HRIS platform that allows for easy access and operation by the end users — both management and non-management workers alike. Get the PEO to paint a picture of how the training is performed and how much time it will take your employees to finish it.

“How will you adapt to our future needs?”

Asking for example of how the PEO has adapted their HR system for a client’s changing needs can help you understand the PEO’s process for changes their offerings to meet your needs and to execute any additional integration and staff training that may be needed.

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