Learning the laws and state mandates of workers compensation laws is tricky! There is a lot to learn when it comes to filings, forms, hearings, etc. Even if you hire an attorney or third party administrator (TPA) to handle claims, you should still be familiar with the worker’s comp laws in your state.
Instead of spending hours trying to learn the basics of workers comp laws, you can make your life easier by borrowing a “cheat sheet” to help your cause. Many law firms will offer these “cheat sheets” to potential new clients and new adjusters as a way to build business. They can give you a synopsis of important information you should know.
Here is some information about what such cheat sheets include:
  • State forms list and rules—accompanied with explanations
  • Temporary total indemnity benefits table (by calendar or fiscal year)
  • Temporary partial indemnity benefits table (by calendar or fiscal year)
  • Permanent partial disability benefits table
  • Scheduled injuries table
  • Death benefits table
  • Statutes of limitations on filing and appealing claims table
  • State forms list—with information about when each should be filed
  • Charts to merge two or more impairment ratings
  • Indemnity benefit guidelines calculation
  • Information on how judicial system works
  • Defenses to claims information
  • Guidelines for settlements
  • Medical provider selection information
  • Physician information
  • Required posting notices
  • Information about any changes in state laws
You can also obtain a glossary of workers compensation terms that are used in specific states. This will help with abbreviations like BRC (Benefits Review Conference) or IW (injured worker), etc.
The faster you learn how your state workers’ compensation system works, the better off both you and your business will be!  

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