Calculating payroll deductions properly is a top priority for all companies. There are many important steps to keep in mind during this process. Payroll is considered the sum of all financial records of employees (including salaries, wages, bonuses, any other payments, as well as all deductions).

Here is a free sample of a payroll deduction authorization sample. You can tailor it to your needs. For example, if an employee does not want the 401(k) option, you can remove that reference.
Company: ­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________________________
Employee Name: _______________________________________________________
Employee Title: ______________________________ ID # ______________________
Department: ___________________________________________________________
I (add employee name) authorize (add company name) to make the following deductions from my gross earnings every month, beginning (start month and year).
401(K) Plan
$                or           % of net pay
Employee Savings Plan
$                or           % of net pay
Union Dues (if applicable)
$                or           % of net pay
Loan Repayment (if applicable)
$                or           % of net pay
Parking Fees
Total Amount: _________________________
·         I understand and acknowledge the deduction may not be made if I have insufficient income during a pay period.
·         I understand and acknowledge dues such as Income Tax and Social Security Tax take priority over these deductions.
·         I understand deductions may not take effect during the current payroll cycle.
·         I will not hold (company name) liable for any deductions that are not made.
Employee Signature: _____________________________________
Employee Name (printed): _________________________________
Date: __________________________________________________
Received (date)                               By: ____________________________
Action Taken (date)      Initials: ___________________
Properly managing payroll is not easy. A good system should be in place to ensure payroll deduction authorization forms are properly collected and errors are prevented. Slips can be numbered as they come in and a log may be maintained to help keep track of the forms. The information should also be recorded electronically. 
Also, be sure to let employees know when the deductions will take effect. Generally, deductions would activate during the following payroll processing period after they were received.
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