Blank Bill of Sale Form

If you find yourself needing a blank bill of sale form to buy or sell anything from a business, to equipment and goods, to cars and personal property, the following information will help save you time and money! Bills of sale are an important record-keeping device for both the seller and the buyer. It’s also an important tool for inventory control and income recording. Even if you still use hand written records, be sure to include the following bill of sale form tips.
  • Print the bill of sale form with the name of your business (or your name if it’s personal). If it is a blank bill of sale, you can list your information as “seller.”
  • Each bill of sale should have its own assigned number. If you have the bill of sale professionally printed or use a box of receipts, be sure they are consecutively numbered (this is for dating and accounting purposes).
  • The bill of sale should include the customer’s name, address, phone number, payment amount and payment method. If you accept credit cards or checks, be sure to follow your state’s privacy laws. Even though you are not required to accept either, you might not be allowed to acquire personal information provided with credit cards and checks. Visit to view specific privacy restrictions.
  • Make sure you date the receipt.
  • Be sure to describe the item (or items) being sold. Also include the purchase amount and any identification or serial numbers. For cards, you would include the vehicle identification number.
  • Note all terms of the sale. For instance, whether the item is sold without a warranty, a final sale, etc. Also include the products freight on board (FOB) which includes the delivery address.
  • Make sure the buyer signs the receipt.

Blank Bill of Sale Example

This Bill of Sale is made on this ________ day of 20___ between
________________________ (“Seller”) and ________________________ (“Buyer”).
In exchange for the monetary consideration of $____________, the seller acknowledges receipt of the funds and agrees to sell, grant, transfer and deliver the buyer the following goods:
The buyer has the title and full rights to the described goods.
The seller agrees the goods are free from all obstructions and he or she is the lawful owner of the goods. The seller has the right to sell the goods and will defend and warrant the right against demands of all persons and any lawful claims.
Signature of Seller
Signature of Buyer
This blank bill of sale form can be tailored to your specific needs.
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