Blank Inventory Form

Blank Inventory Form Sample
As a business owner, keeping track of your inventory is critical. Blank inventory forms are invaluable when it comes to accounting for your products. Inventory helps you keep track of which units are going in and out of your stocks. It also helps in the analysis of how your business is doing.
The more comprehensive your blank inventory form, the easier it will be to track things down. Inventory can be maintained in different ways with a variety of online tools—and varies depending on your specific business needs. This process helps ensure the number of items listed in your books match up with what is sitting on your shelves or in your warehouse. Physical inventory helps you know how accurate your records are, and if there are any major differences between the two numbers. If there are major differences, you might want to consider reviewing your inventory process and how items are shipped or tracked. In the end, this will help save you time and money.
Here is an example of a blank inventory form that can be used to create a template for your business:
Blank Inventory Form
Company Name:
Conducted By:
Date of Inventory:
Inventory Count for Period Beginning:
Inventory Count for Period Ending:
This is followed by a table consisting of one line per item. With the following columns:
  1. Item Number
  2. Item Name
  3. Item Description
  4. Book Count
  5. Physical Count
  6. Difference (if any)
Your inventory form template will vary depending on what type of business you own. For example, inventory forms for a restaurant would include food items, liquor, linens, uniforms, cleaning supplies, small wares, etc. Forms can also be printed and posted on a clipboard in a convenient place for use when ordering or receiving.
No matter what your business, inventory forms are an important of keeping track of your products.
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