Why Is HR Important?

Sometimes the most basic questions about HR can lead to great conversations that help organizations flourish. One of the most basic in the Human Resources field is, “Why is HR important?” As a business owner, understanding that HR is one of the areas where you want to hire experts is a critical criterion for making your company stronger.

Why is HR important? – Support your management

HR can provide training for management to help them work with the diverse set of employees on their teams. Knowing how they could best interact with a Baby Boomer looking for loyalty and stability, versus a Y Generation who may need daily praise, can make a big difference with retention rates and hitting goals. HR can help train managers prevent common mistakes that swell to legal nightmares. HR is a great resource for getting feedback from managers and identifying growing HR trends inside your own company.

Why is HR Important? - Legal Compliance

Legislators on the state and national level have been very busy over the last few years passing legislation changes regarding all kinds of HR topics including unemployment, FMLA, and COBRA. Leaving the compliance to your HR professional can greatly save you on fines and time.

Why is HR Important? - Support Employees

Correctly used, your HR personnel can be great resources for your employees to help field out issues before they leave your premises and make it to the courts. Your HR personnel are in the best position to explain the company’s HR policies and programs so your employees can properly use them. The HR team can serve as consultants to the employees to help them plan their careers at your company, which in turn give your information to help you change the company to better retain them.

Why is HR Important? - Support Execs

By being able to represent your staff’s capabilities and expenses, your HR staff can be of great value when doing strategic planning and budgeting. They can represent the costs of change management in terms of personnel, salaries and expenses. Things like changing products can instigate layoffs, people quitting, needing to recruit different skill sets, and communication with staff. All of these have an impact to your bottom line.
These are a few of the top answers to, “Why is HR Important”. And, don’t forget things like Recruiting, Interviewing, employee orientations, and benefits programs.
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