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Healthcare Consulting

The ACA Effect on ER Visits Not as Great as Hoped

The ACA was hoped to reduce the number of people using ER's for health issues that could probably have been more effectively treated by a primary physician. But so far it has yet to effectively deliver on that promise. This may be because previously uninsured enrollees are learning how their new coverage works and still mired in the habits developed when they had none. Or it may indicate that there are more complex factors than cost at play in the decision of when and how to seek medical care. There was some slight decrease in the use of ER's among those who enrolled in private insurance or Medicaid after the law's passage, but for the uninsured, use of ER's actually saw a slight increase. Some go because their doctor's office wasn't open, others because they have yet to choose a primary physician or simply have limited access to other sources of care. The majority of ER users still go because of the severity of their need for care, whether that is because they were told to go by another doctor or taken to ...

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Experts believe two fundamental issues fuel the U.S. healthcare crisis

Experts believe that too much treatment and cost are the focal points of the vast healthcare crisis in the United States. While all the various sectors of the industry play a part, some believe pharmaceuticals are at the center of the issue. Public records indicate the vast amount of lobbying spending that pharmaceuticals have undertaken. What the industry has gotten from lawmakers in return shows that their contributions have been effective. According to some experts, the industry has a clear advantage and the American people are paying the price. Data shows that from 1997-2015, various Congressmen and woman accepted over $3 billion in various campaign contributions from pharmaceuticals. This amount is nearly 50 percent more than they got from insurance companies. This calculates out to over $400,000 per elected official per year. The United States is also the world’s highest drug spender. In 2011, an American paid almost one thousand dollars per year (on average) for their drugs. This is nearly ...

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Several reasons organizations aren’t eager to move to private exchanges

Although many consulting firms have predicted that nearly 20 million will be enrolled in the private exchanges by 2018, numerous large companies aren’t necessarily eager to make the switch for their employees. A group of companies that participated in a conversation regarding the private exchanges has roughly 1.5 million employees nationwide. They offered several reasons as to why they have hesitated to use the exchanges to provide their employees with health benefits. Too many questions remain: Employers cannot confirm that they will truly save any money by switching their employees to the private exchanges. Although companies might see a lot of savings the first year, there’s no way to ensure that will continue year over year.  The exchanges are in their infancy: Not only do employers have many uncertainties to face, there are also many questions about the insurance companies participating in the exchanges as well as the plans and services they are offering.  They&rsq ...

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Employees search for options that offer personalized health feedback

Health evaluations are continuing to become more and more prevalent both at work and outside the work place. Whether it be a celebrity spokesperson advocating for a cancer screening or a company wellness program encouraging a blood pressure screening, individuals are constantly being reminded of the benefits to take care of health opportunities that present themselves. To do so, however, they need to know as much as possible about their current stage of health. Biometric health screening data can provide accurate information about risk factors for chronic illnesses. These conditions affect 50 percent of Americans and account for over 80 percent of health care expenditures in the United States. Despite this, Americans don’t seem to know very much about the current state of their health according to new research. Almost 70 percent reported that they do not know their current biometric screenings even though almost 85 percent said they have somewhat easy access to such information. Conditions like diab ...

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Free Clinics making adjustments as a result of healthcare legislation

The rollout of the Affordable Care Act has caused many individuals in various industries to experience sweeping changes. Now that the legislation has been in place and operating for over a year, free clinics are among the organizations working to ensure they are able to operate despite the rules and regulations held within the law. Free Clinics are finding that they have to remind people that they are still available and open to provide services. The types of services they can offer, however, might be changing. Staff at several free clinics have noted that they are seeing fewer people than they were before the law took effect, but that there are still patients who need their help and assistance addressing various medical concerns. Over one-third of visits to free clinics in 2014 came from new patients. Despite the law, there are still people without insurance. There are also people who don’t even know if any insurance options are available to them. Free clinics have proven to help individuals answe ...

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