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Payroll Deduction Authorization Form Sample

Calculating payroll deductions properly is a top priority for all companies. There are many important steps to keep in mind during this process. Payroll is considered the sum of all financial records of employees (including salaries, wages, bonuses, any other payments, as well as all deductions). Here is a free sample of a payroll deduction authorization sample. You can tailor it to your needs. For example, if an employee does not want the 401(k) option, you can remove that reference. PAYROLL DEDUCTION AUTHORIZATION FORM Company: ­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________________________ Employee Name: _______________________________________________________ Employee Title: ______________________________ ID # ______________________ Department: ___________________________________________________________ I (add employee name) authorize (add company name) to make the following deductions from my gross earnings every month, beginning (start month and year).   ...

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Blank Bill of Sale Form

  Blank Bill of Sale Form If you find yourself needing a blank bill of sale form to buy or sell anything from a business, to equipment and goods, to cars and personal property, the following information will help save you time and money! Bills of sale are an important record-keeping device for both the seller and the buyer. It’s also an important tool for inventory control and income recording. Even if you still use hand written records, be sure to include the following bill of sale form tips. Print the bill of sale form with the name of your business (or your name if it’s personal). If it is a blank bill of sale, you can list your information as “seller.” Each bill of sale should have its own assigned number. If you have the bill of sale professionally printed or use a box of receipts, be sure they are consecutively numbered (this is for dating and accounting purposes). The bill of sale should include the customer’s name, address, phone number, payment ...

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Blank Meeting Agenda Template

  Blank Meeting Agenda Template Meeting Agenda Tips Free Blank Meeting Agenda Form   Effective meetings take planning and preparation. A well organized meeting will hopefully have employees looking forward to the next one! A free business blank meeting agenda template will make this process easier. Here are some tips for your business meeting agenda template that you can tailor to your specific needs: There are several standard items to be included. Start in the header with the word “Agenda” and a basic outline with details. Type of meeting (or the subject) Location (if the meeting is held in a new place, be sure to include a specific address and directions if possible) Date Time Agenda items to be included (add in any others specific to your meeting). Opening and Welcome (list name/title) Announcements (list name/title) Old Business Approval of minutes fr ...

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Fax Cover Page Form

Fax Cover Page Form Fax Cover Page Form Tips Fax Cover Page Form Example   Even though e-mail and other forms of communication have become more popular over the past several years, many companies still send faxes. In fact, they are especially helpful when one needs to send a signed document. They are also helpful when a digital file can’t be scanned of a hard copy document or when people do not have access to a computer. After you create a fax cover page form template, you can tailor it and use as needed:   Make a standard 8-1/2 by 11 inch word processing document. It should include your company name, address, phone number, website, e-mail address and logo at the top, followed by several horizontal lines with to and from contact information (including phone numbers, fax numbers, contact name, total number of pages included, reference numbers, etc.) See below for fax cover page form template. Be sure to add a CC line if any other people need to be copied on the fax. ...

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Free Business Proposal Letter Sample

Free Business Proposal Letter Sample Free Business Proposal Letter Sample Proposal Letter Tips and Tricks Business Proposal Letter Example   If you're looking for a free business proposal letter sample—look no further! Here are some tips and trips and example of a free business proposal letter you can tailor to fit your specific needs. Business proposal letters are written as a cover letter to accompany an actual business proposal. Such letters serve as an introduction to the actual proposal. Business proposal letters should be strongly written since this is an indicator of the overall quality of your pitch.   Tips and Tricks: Do your research Outline what you can do for this company Outline what sets you apart from other companies Follow up with a phone call   YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION (ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER/E-MAIL ADDRESS)   RECIPIENT'S CONTACT INFORMATION (ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER/E-MAIL ADDRESS)   DATE   Dear Mr. or Mrs. ______ ...

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