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Play Defense: How and Why to Document Performance Consistently

Documenting performance can’t prevent you from being sued, but it can help you defend against a discrimination or unemployment compensation claim.

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How to Regulate Romance in the Workplace: 3 Questions to Ask

38% of U.S. workers have dated someone who worked for the same company. This seems unsurprising given how much time full-time employees spend at work. Before instituting a workplace dating policy, however, a company should consider the legal ramifications and impact on employee morale.

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Social Media – When Can I Discipline? #URFired

Social media has enabled us to promote our businesses, network with our communities, and cultivate a public image. It has also created a space for anonymous comments to go viral and for employees and customers to bad-mouth companies. As an employer there are limitations on when you can discipline and what social media policies you can implement.

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Creating and Maintaining Safe Workplaces – Safety Culture

Safety isn’t glamorous, but it affects the bottom line for businesses of all sizes.  So let’s make it interesting and keep it in the forefront of your workforces’ minds. A safety culture enables your business to keep your costs low, minimize injuries and conserve your resources so that you can focus on the parts of running your business that you enjoy.

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EEOC New Harassment Training – Just Play Nice

The EEOC is now offering two new, customizable civility trainings that will be conducted by the EEOC Training Institute staff. The EEOC recognizes that this type of training is critical, but only one piece of the equation. Supervisors and employees need the skills to promote a civil workplace culture,but they also must be committed to implementing a respectful work environment.

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